June 4th, 2004


Passive Time

First, I'm going to Liverpool later today. Chucking a few things in a bag and jollying off to see aarondb and Johnny "No, my real name is Ryan" Blaze, who is over from the untamed wilds of the colonies. I'll be back Sunday. If you have anything to say, shove it in an e-mail or a comment. I'll be taking my semi-functional internet organ along with me, for photos and to make small posts (though I can't make photo-posts direct from it), so really urgent stuff can go through that. The contest a few posts down looking at this current one (sue me, I like long links) will run until midnight on Sunday at which point I work out which words I'm writing a sequel to.

Story ideas in my head. You may see tiny fragments from stories come up in SMS-posts. All depends if I can get anything written on the train and put through to the phone. I want it to, moblogging is the sort of thing I want to be able to do.

And finally, I rant:

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