June 15th, 2004



Sometimes my mind is in the mood for writing games. Sometimes it is in the mood for fiction.

Unfortunately for my sequels, fiction it ain't, at least not yet. I keep getting wrapped up in politial minutae, working out how to solve the current IP/copyright/patent clusterfuck in any future setting. I need to burn that out of my brain with a lot of writing which doesn't really cover it, or a concentrated attack. Anyone willing to have me bounce ideas off them for said concentrated attack, e-mail me.

When not working on fiction, I can do a pretty mean conversion to a game. So, suggest settings and I'll do my best to fit them to a system. Likely I'll be on System Shock into something looking vaguely like Trinity (a bigger conversion than Deus Ex), or molding the too-wacky Deadlands setting with the fine application of a lump hammer to a Western Horror game working with the Unknown Armies 1st ed system. Why 1st ed? Because I'm poor enough not to have the second. But of course if you haveany other suggestions or things you particularly want to see my take on, feel free to let me know.
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