July 10th, 2004


Updates with no order

I have a new cellphone number. If you want to know it, e-mail me at digitalraven{at}gmail{dot}com. The old one id going to be dead and gone as of a week today. Catch up now.

If you want to mail me in a way my phone will get, so to mail me in a way I can get to without a computer (this will become important in a few weeks when coaldustcanary gets here and I have very limited computer access) use digitalraven{at}hotpop{dot}com

A map of the London Underground for Mage players and kabbala nuts[0]

Grant Morrison's full run on Doom Patrol is finally getting reissued as a trade paperback series. This is the book that introduced Danny, a character that was a transvestite street. That is not a typo. Danny was a street, full of sports bars and gun shops decked out in pink and frills. That embodies the whole series.

I find myself wanting to actually game, rather than just talking about them. Anyone who can commit to a fixed time to do so should let me know.

[0]: I know this has been splashed around in Promethea, but this is bigger and can be printed.
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