July 18th, 2004


Lazy Saturday

Not good, not bad. But for a change, not wasted.

Final proof that Palms should be considered real computers: there are Roguelikes for it. While Nethack (now the definitive example of the genre) won't fit, some games will. And this is good, because my poison of the moment has turned out to be iLarn. My love of moving an @ around a screen knows no limit.

This is, I must admit, one of the few weekends where my wanderings haven't procured weird reading material to fire the brain-meats. Instead, I dropped what felt like an Imperial arseload of cash on clothing. For those not intimate with the manner in which I normally select my raiment[0] at the moment of purchase, let it be known that I do not like buying shit that is non-hardwearing. This is why (outside of work) it's black jeans and meme'd shirts[1]. However, today found me updating my register of really rather smart clothing, for interviews, weddings and the like. A new shirt and noose[2] as the old ones were rather, well, old. I can't fasten the top shirt-button any more type old. Add to that a new belt (an office-job is giving me a beer gut) and cuflinks to match and I've spent on Posh Bastard Clothes an amount I would normally reserve for purchasing a piece of decent kit, like a hard drive or four pairs of cheap jeans.

I feel like I should be writing more, like even the things that I come up with on a half-weekly-ish basis aren't enough to sate this crack-like addiction to short story writing that I appear to be stuck with[3]. However, the ongoing things are rather stifled at present. If anyone has any advice on how to get some bloody motivation to write a londer piece than is my norm it would be greatly appreciated.

[0]: Is it black? Is it cheap? Do I need it or does it have a shirtworthy meme? Buy.
[1]: May get "Murder for a blowjob.\nGenocide for bacon" as a shirt. Thing is, it may set me back £20 to do so. Curses.
[2]: A rose by any other name, there.
[3]: "We [habitual writers] find time to write the same way an alcoholic finds time to drink." Greg Stolze
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Deus Ex: Chessman

This is a follow-up to my Deus Ex game, a hint at the kind of personalities present and a look into the non-PC arm of the UN special forces.

I'm in one of those moods where I want to take this and make it big. One post "supplement" with details on the setting, one on important NPCs and the two UN groups, one with the various terrorist organisations and story tips for using them, and one that brings it all together and blows it all wide open, a bigass book of secrets.

As an example, then, one of the UNSCIT top brass and professionally scary fuckers:

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