July 29th, 2004



This is a test. Let me know if it works or whether I will need to pay for a blogging tool...
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I decided to experiment a bit with the laptop's (rechristened kingmob) new hard drive, and just put Debian on. I whacked the drive in, and slipped the Sarge install CD in the drive. This was at eleven PM.

I love it when things Just Work. I had to do less fucking around than the last time I installed Windows (2K on Orpheus), and everything was auto detected or dead simple to do. I do know that the problem with the damn thing is heat, as it's an old machine and the connection between the chip and heatsink is not the best after having had the cover off a few hundred times. The crumbs don't help either. That was only a problem when it comes to the net install (two hours ten minutes). At half past one in the morning, I had a fully working Debian system, set with the latest versions of software and security updates.

Suck it, M$. When Debian's installer kicks your arse, you know you have lost.

On an even more portable note, I am now sure I can post here from the treo. Going to fuck with the styles some in order to not download so much when checking here. I also have a client for ICQ and AIM that work. So if ever I have a free minute I can pop online to see that who's around. I also caved and got a decent word processor to go along with the faster default text editor. Fear the power of the phone.
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