August 28th, 2004


Fast Fiction Week: Day 4

The Wraith leaped out of the building seconds before the explosion shattered the glass doors. Ignoring people trapped in the demolished building, he ran two blocks through alleyways and side-streets, finally jumping into the back seat of a Bentley. As his driver sped the car towards his out of town mansion, the Wraith removed his hat and mask, revealing none other than the philanthropist John Cavendish.

"Who is doing all this, sir?"

"I don't know, Matthew. Unless- someone is destroying the city in a specific pattern. I require a map, and compasses at once."

"At once, sir."

In the drawing room of his mansion, Cavendish studied the map carefully.

"The devil!" He exclaimed, pulling a book from a high shelf and flipping to a page. "The rune of the Raven God of Atun. Matthew! The Chrysler building, and don't spare the engine."

The Bentley sped once more from the mansion as the Wraith checked over his Hell-pistols. He also hid sticks of dynamite in his coat-pockets, in case the pistols would not be enough. Swallowing two of the strange pills that gave him his amazing reactions, he ran out of the car and into the Chrysler building.
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