September 3rd, 2004



People who play MMORPGs until past midnight with the sound up and stuttering because of their shitty lag (about to become shittier if me and my pal Bittorrent have any say in it...) when other people are trying to write should be summarily executed.

No red bull. No alcohol. Nothing productive done all night (well, I eliminated one problem, but that's about it). Tonight's going to start feeling like a waste about... three minutes once my bro's gone downstairs. I know how these things go.

Ignoring the Honest meme that's going around. Not because I don't want to know, but because what I think of people changes drastically on an hourly basis. So since I can't reciprocate reliably, fuck it,

RB: Fucking anti-"pirate" propaganda

we're being forced by the law to pay commercial companies to try to force the government to destroy our civil rights.

Of course, even if piracy WAS stealing, which it isn't, implementing even more insanely-draconian laws wouldn't make any difference. Pirates are unaffected by changes in the law because as criminals, they - by definition - don't obey the law in the first place. The only people who suffer from laws like the DMCA and the EUCD and the proposed new acts are legitimate, paying consumers like you and I, who are robbed of the right to protect our investments and the right to enjoy them in perfectly legal ways.

Ganked from NTK, here for research reasons.

More research

Some days even a big fucking bookmark list is no good for the daily haul of random imagination-firing shite from boingboing and the like. Exporting it here for now (del.ici.ous looked good for a while, but I can't add enough of an excerpt to remember why I'm including it). These will go to another place when I work out where to put them. Somewhere with categories, preferably site-embeddable and cheap/free.

mainly they stick to a party line of figures and cases, repeating them at every opportunity, and holding them up to justify certain conclusions (eg, DVD piracy kills babies with bombs).

There's also a fun bit where the impressive headline for each independent "case study"

Links between DVD piracy and organised crime are highlighted today with the publication of new evidence, compiled by the Industry Trust for IP Awareness Limited, as part of a major anti-piracy campaign that is being backed by YOUR NAME HERE! Trading Standards.

is revealed in an earlier draft to have begun

Proof of the links between DVD piracy and organised crime is strengthened today with the launch of a new dossier of evidence,

which was probably changed when someone realised "proof" and "dossier of evidence" suggested something official, with sources, and which hadn't been changed around in certain quite important areas, and which was proof.

Again, pinched from NTK