September 10th, 2004



First day without Red Bull in over a week. Been completely knackered, been a chore to lift my body even if my mind still has been alive enough to scrape some research stuff. May end up making another journal and shunting it to there for the meantime, will have to see. More things are firing my brain in general, and the high-weirdness trip I've been on is finally ending. The scary thing is the lack of psychedelics. Give it a month or so and I'll find myself reinforcing my creativity the fun way once more.

Have been firing a crash-course in Mornington Crescent into my eardrums and eyeballs. Now all I need is an online game to join to see how bad I am. It astounds me that I have not encountered the game earlier. Bah, bah I say!

It should not be this hard to keep my eyes open. Thus, as it has gone one in the morning, I'm off to bed.


The Scottish Parliament has had what you might call an 'attack of the Jimmehs' by including Scots in the minority languages it supports on its Web site.

Given that there hasn't really been anything you could call an 'official' version of Scots since James VI headed south, it is of course difficult for the parliament to produce something completely acceptable to all of the regional variations of Scots, so we won't be too hard on them. But considering the number of native Scots speakers is estimated as in excess of 1.5 million, while the 1991 census identified only 67,000 speakers of the one everybody's heard of, Gaelic, then there's an inexorable logic to the language getting the Parliament's support.

Source: El Reg