October 30th, 2004


Death Machine Telemetary

Woke up feeling like death. It's rare that I get hangovers, but this was one from not drinking. After thinking hard enough to realise that caffeine, rather than alcohol, was my bane. The beautiful stuff had dehydrated me and left my blood little more than sludge, forcing it's way through my circulatory system. It gets like that after a while of addiction. Water helped more than it had any right to. I mean, water's boring. It shouldn't be so good and so fast acting. Or maybe I need to cut down on the coffee.

Information flow is coming back after a week off. Sleep helps more than I care to admit. It's slow, I'm not fully back up to speed. But I'm getting there. Dosing myself with video, audio, speed reading whatever I can find, even if it is crap. Kickstarting my brain, farming ideas until I get a nice good mutant strain I can use. Because ideas are good. In many ways, they're becoming something other to my perceptions — when expressed, they become a form of fungible currency that I use to trade on the cultural noosphere of the planet, giving back for everything I read.

Told you sleep was good for me.

In other news, new Planetary was in. Good stuff, though it seems that ayahuasca (and other necronautic hallucinogens) are appearing a lot in Warren's writings. It's still really good, though.
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Good Old Charlie

[Preface: Charlie Brooker used to write for a computing rag over here by the name of PC Zone, which was noted for him writing much like he wrote on usenet. He has a column in the Grauniad now. This article of his was put up online, before a vast astroturfing from idiots who think Bush has any value to the world at all caused them to take it down.]

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