November 1st, 2004



Had to race out at lunch to get to my new dentist, given that the old one went wholly private and wanted to charge extortionate rates for not being part of the damn state healthcare regime. This involved a dental x-ray, my first in a while, for which I had to remove both my eyebrow bars.

I've never taken them out before.

It's a very weird feeling. Had a hell of a time getting them back in, had to wait till I returned home and could spend too long fighting the damn things. Needless to say they ain't coming out again any time soon.

While they were out, this came to me. I'm in a write-y mood but I can't find any direction. I have no idea where I was going with this, just some near-future ramblings. I really need a bloody story to write. Come on, brain... just a little more....

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