November 18th, 2004


Strange Religion notes

Thoughts burning in my head. The slow buildup of a four-dimensional memeplex that's either going to explode like last weekend or be bled off through words and storyline and ideas for everyone else, filtered through fictional characters and settings and situations.

The Undertones come on to xmms. I don't normally need music — I like to spend time listening to music, or to find something ambient for writing or to help get me into or drag me out of a specific mood, but I'm normally fine with just the whirr of the fans and the sounds of the street, filtered through the roof by my head. Not tonight. Need music. Tonight I'm either seeing vast coincidences in play, or the results of real magic. I'm leaning towards the latter simply because I don't like believing in coincidence. It's not my style.

And so... fuckit. The memeplex is forming, building. Going to help it along.

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The story will come soon. I just need to realign my head with where I was. when I wrote it.
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Blog Design

Well, not really a blog. More the redesign/relaunch of my site. Hopefully it's human-readable even though it is in my abbreviated note-to-self style. This is where I lay down exactly what I want to see. From here I either start the underlying setup, or work out the layout and style sheets. Either way, the conceptual work is done and is noted here as a milestone and a reference for when I get off track. Thoughts and ideas for improvements will be entertained.

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