November 23rd, 2004



Sitework continues anon. I'm up to the actual layout/design part[0], and tweaking some last bits. I really ought to document the whole thing. One day soon.

Other than that, I are been feeling knackered. I've gone back to Deus Ex after too long away, with the intent on actually beating the fucking thing this time. We shall see. Unfortunately, apart from that and the very frustrating number-juggling that is web design these days, I'm all out of things to say.

Intelligent/witty commentary shall return at some point in the future.

[0]: Insert rant about idiots combining styling and layout in the one CSS file here.
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I just got the first piece of spam to my exobrain. It was also my first honest 419. (It even came from Nigeria.

I didn't think those things existed any more.
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