November 26th, 2004


Late again

Damnit. Why is it every cool new thing I find is really old? Case in point, the Cassandra Project, a mod for Deus Ex. It's the kind of thing I will run as a straight Technocratic Mage game, even though it's dead and buried. The spoilers and such are enough to keep anyone going.

Sample scene: You're an Agent for a big conspiracy, hunting out the Truth about things like the Russian moon landings and the secret behind human nature. On assignment, you find out that the boss' emotionless uber-receptionist used to be an Agent. Removing the Agent hardware is what left her in her present state. nice future you have to look forwards to...

But still. You go off to confront your boss and everyone else at HQ. Lift descends into the secret base under Birmingham, door opens. Receptionist is stood there, holding a gun to her head. The base, and her is covered with a thick layer of gore. Parts of bodies are still visible. "Why? What possessed you...?" Her reply is still perfectly monotone. "I remember kisses. I remember how they felt. I remember the softness. The saliva. The warmth. I remember liking them intensely. But I don't remember why."


It's the little things that make things like this perfect. Well, that and a mission that rips it out of both the culture and counter-culture of the 60's at the same time. Damn it never being released.

Del.icio is blocked here

Lunchtime inspiration round lasted barely 10 minutes rather than an hour. We all know why that is.

So, the only stuff in a very sparse crop that I'd otherwise have on the short term memory:

Bletchley Park codebreakers release initial reports on Shugborough mystery.

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer wanted a $100 PC. Here's one that runs Linux. Up yours, M$.

A-team robots.

Now to find a way to waste significant time that is both unaffected by yesterday and is accessible from here (which means no b3ta, no NTK and no 4rthur).