December 9th, 2004



People who bookmarked the site:

It's wordpress. Wordpress generates RSS and Atom feeds. Livejournal takes atom feeds and turns them into syndicated accounts.

The upshot? digiraven_feed is updated whenever something new is added to the site, with the snippet you see on the index pages.

Nothing there yet, of course. But there will be more over the coming weeks.

Winter Fiction Blowout

Smart. Happy. Sober. Pick two. Or so it seems last night and today.

But that's besides the point.

Every so often, I run an open call. People give me titles, and I write some of them. One a night.

Free fiction, as close to on demand as I get. Consider it a gift to the lot of you.

In other news, I'm drinking in a new place for the month. The Bar Humbug.

Titles. Gimme.