January 8th, 2005


Damned Heat

It's damn hot and stuffy here. Winds outside blowing at up to 70 (that's miles per hour, kids), house stuffy as all fuckery because of it. The heat, or at least I hope it's the heat, generated by these conditions in a room with no airflow has done a number on my main machine. If anything works, it's taking over five minutes to do anything. X is taking up more than 50% processor cycles. Worse, OpenOffice refuses to either save or let me copy what was in the window, my own fault for daring to open a Save dialogue.

Two stories, rewritten to all be in the same damned tense before throwing to the archive, gone. That's all I've been doing tonight, between tinkering with things and trying to get my bastard machine to work. I hope it's the heat, because that's all the reason I've been able to find.

It's hot and stuffy still, even with everything I've tried to cool this room down. Every little thing, every minor setback or niggling annoyance has flared up, leaving me looking for a target. Lack of nicotine and sleep last night certainly hasn't helped any with this situation.

In short: Fuckpigs.
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