January 20th, 2005


Time wasting

I need to get myself out of the phase where playing video games or watching a movie doesn't count as doing anything. I say this because I spent tonight watching Equilibrium (which was bloody good, even with the puppy), and almost as soon as the damn thing ended my hindbrain's screaming at me to check my e-mail, check LJ, trawl an aerogel net through the superflow and come up with something. Because I hadn't been doing anything.

Something's going to come out of tonight. Ideas are coalescing. I just hope I don't go on an information kick until the weekend. Those are hell to deal with when one has no real access to information with which to sate them.

There is something. Underneath the surface. Though that could just be the wind outside, since it's blowing a gale here.

(no subject)

Rain on the window, blown in by stormy winds that even now rattle the tiles above my head. Weather that inspires me, normally.

Somewhere in my head, Strange Planet has taken shape and just needs a few more bits to come together.

I can't concentrate well. I've been trying to distract myself, but it's not working. Nothing's working right in my head at present. Anxiety and depression and impotent rage all building up, all over subjects I refuse to talk about in public -- not because they are controversial, but because doing so would make it all worse.

So this is a sparse update. Deal.