February 2nd, 2005


Not Waving, Drowning

It's the only good song on This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours. Also applies to the last few days.

Headless chicken mode well and truly engaged. Too much to do, it's a wave crashing down from above. It all needs doing, in some order or other. And of course, as soon as that happens, my instinct for procrastination kicks into high gear. Barely even constructive, just plain old delaying tactics.

The beard, which I hadn't cut since before the new year, is now gone. As is the image of rugged manhood and five years from my apparent age.

...no. Enquiring about writing for Mage and writing graphic novel scripts is just more time wasting. Time to do something about it for a change.

LXG of other times

So. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (forget the film, it was fucking awful). Great comic, but every discussion seems to verge into alternate Leagues for different time periods, as happened a couple of posts down.

Given that the original League was Mina Harker, the Invisible Man, Allan Quatermain, Jekyll/Hyde and Captain Nemo, the schtick is obvious. Pick a time period, and assemble 5-7 heroes of that time to be the League of that era. Don't worry about duplicates, it's all for fun and game ideas.

Anyone suggesting a 1980's League without MacGyver will be ridiculed.