February 9th, 2005



Funny how a pacing a story means pacing how I write it. Strange Future had me spending a few evenings inhaling mad supercondensed bursts of information before I could get in the right mood to write the next part. The various one-shots (and fuck, now I look there's quite a lot of them) all depend on my circumstances when I wrote them. And so, Shattered City is a slower thing. Day on, day off musing about plot. Not taking it too hard, not forcing the brainmeats to the point of pain. It's an interesting feeling. Not one I want to encounter too much, though. Hence the side-projects going on, always more churning away. But it's still nice to put them in the background and pace my own thinking.

In entirely unrelated news, if one were to start reading Burroughs, what three books would offer the best start?