March 22nd, 2005


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There is a knot of pain in my head right behind my right eyeball. This is much like yesterday morning. Again, like yesterday, I awoke an hour early. Chomping paikillers and extra caffeine in order to live.

Tonight, I sleep early. Really fucking early. Which I do not like doing. Smacks too much of work-sleep-work-sleep, a routine I swore I would never get into.

But fuck knows what is going to happen if I don't.

Sane update

This is what the world would be giving up if the Betamax ruling is overturned.


Things are slowly crystallising. I'm sat here with a voice in my head saying "sleep", but not yet. Not just yet. Got to get some of these out of my head in case I lose them by morning.

Betamax, above, needs a good "guide for everyone else". That's tomorrow night. Much like my Windows security advice article, possibly a bit more relaxed in tone without being inappropriate. Will need test-readers for tone, going for the sort of thing that won't really offend anyone (this is me, that's nontrivial). It's a deliberate exercise, not just pandering to the masses. Have to see what styles I can write in.

I have a great location for SC: 4. That's tomorrow as well. Going to spend a day sworn off CoH and back behind the keyboard turning inspiration into filthy wordcount.

Despite pain and shouting and not being pleased with people, I'm generally righter in the head than I have been. Which is a nice change. Hopefully, it will last. Also hopefully, it won't affect my writing. Scary thing: that last worries me more than anything else recently. Perhaps this is why I'm not writing so much.

ZPI is being very slow and very political as I find more of my life taking place away from a computer screen and have no net access in the office, and I get my political crack before anything else. I also need cool/weird shit. Gimme.

But now, and stupidly early, bed.