March 27th, 2005


In which Stew is a bit of a twit

Woke up late. Thought "I needs shower. And there is something else I need to do... no, it's gone". Showered. Realised I had to be at a Torchie meeting. Forgot which hill it was on on account of being half asleep.

"It's on thing hill," said my brain.

"I know how to get there!" Said another part of my brain.

This second part is going to be fucking lobotomised.

Long story short: Instead of being at Torchie meeting, I was wandering around the wrong hill, enjoying how the observatory looked in the mist and the rain. And then I realised I was in the wrong place and said "Fuck", very loudly.

Next time I will wake up before I go teararsing off at random.
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