April 15th, 2005



Got through work with only a few grey hairs and some more wrinkles, though I dread to think how tomorrow will treat me. I can't stand thinking so fast when I have nothing to think fast about, and no way of expressing non-work-related thoughts to clear mental cache without people seeing. It's weird. This is without more than the normal dose of caffeine I require to be alive in the morning, and yet I look at the clock every fifteen minutes and find that only five have passed. Perhaps my brain is undergoing time dilation?

After work was fund-raising for torchies, which was good. Accosting people with fliers is always fun. Hell, accosting people in general is fun, but this time I had a reason for it. And then off down the pub, where I sat tiredly with a couple of drinks until deciding to head back.

Had a random moment of realisation on the way back: I live in Edinburgh. Something I have wanted to do for the past *mumble* years. An ambition I had. And I've gone and fucking done it. It hadn't even began to sink in until this point, then suddenly a hammer-blow to my head. I'm here. No more striving to escape the black hole that is Hull's field of soul-destroying crap. No more need to get out of a dead-end job with a boss who hates me because I'm good at my job and still slack off. I'm here, and before I even realise that the city feels like home to me. I love it here.

So yes. Still not dead.

Getting behind with editing and ZPI-ing and not using my local bookmarks and so on. Going to catch up and then issue a general reminder of feeds and the like. Offering them now would be pointless.

In other news: less than 100 posts before I hit the LJ milennium. I don't know whether to be proud, or just post meaningless angst.


Some of you have read Futurology, my first foray into comics scripting. More of you haven't.

anjylle said she would create art for it. I said "Yes, please" and decided to see what it looked like before working out if I would post the script before or after the comic itself.

Character study of the protagonist.

I'm going to wait. And squee at someone drawing my words and getting them so right when I compare to the images in my head.
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