May 8th, 2005



Awake before noon. Given that it was daylight when staggering home from gominokouhai's place (we'd got through Remembrance of the Daleks and a lot of vodka) this isn't surprising. That I feel just fine after passing out for three hours on my sofa is, but what the hell. I like my sofa.

Lots of today was spent at the Beltane picnic. Which was very entertaining, what with the random drinking and eating and socialising. That lasted for quite a while, before retiring for Futurama and Dr. Who. Follow that up with chasing to Fountainbridge to see the Hitchikers film [0], then back via KJ's and then Ascension.

It seems that the more time I'm spending here, the more random goth clubs I'm going to. This is good, as they give me ideas. The bad part is spending too long there to actually write those ideas down.

Tomorrow is a day. I think it's Sunday. It will be spent sober, writing and getting the flat straightened out. And ironing shirts. Probably. If my chest hurts any worse, then fuckit, it's an A&E job. The damn thing's been going since Wednesday and just getting more and more painful. Probably a bruised rib, but I have to know.

[0]: Mini-review - Nowhere near as good as it could have been. Nowhere near as shit as I had expected. Obvious what Hollywood had decided needed to be in there. Made me hate Hollywood even more. Bill Bailey is a good sperm whale, and Alan Rickman is a good Marvin. And old-Marvin cameo!

One Last Dance

I get the feeling I should be out. Should get in touch with Gary to get out of the house and into the Hoose. But I've been out for most of the day anyway, feverishly avoiding everything that I need to do here. Editing. Washing up. Ironing. The mundane things that occur when the social life isn't on. Feels dangerously like I'm getting addicted to something that doesn't have a methadone.

But that's me wibbling, and I've been doing that too much recently. Ignore it. Have something written on the back of the election instead.

One Last Dance
by Stewart Wilson

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