June 13th, 2005



Bookshelves are rather lighter, due to mid-volume comics unload to anjylle and figg. Anyone else in need of graphic novel entertainment, let me know and I will try to supply a fix.

There exists a copy of Rez in the flat. I can feel the addiction starting now.

More later. Rant now.

Word produces the most hideously b0rken, user-gets-raped-in-the-arse-with-a-cheese-grater-dildo grade HTML output. That is without a doubt. A fact, something that will probably never change.

But by the entire contents of @DEITY, Visio comes bloody close. No need for ten HTML pages, two stylesheets, three pages of XML, three graphics, frames, and far too much fucking javascript. For a single. Sodding. Image. Map.

Fuck you, Mickey$haft. Rather I code in your wanky VBA than have to fix that abortion of HTML again.