July 5th, 2005



Just seen fifteen police vans screaming towards Edinburgh Park/the Gyle. Am on bus home or I'd have gone to see what was going on. Anyone have more info?


Sporadic countdown is over. This is my thousandth entry. I wonder if anyone but me saw this coming...

And so, I'm sat here with a glass of rather good Merlot (well, a step above Spanish Antifreeze), full of salad and a rather fucking huge steak that will also be for breakfast tomorrow as I misjudged the size. And I've got to thinking: I started this journal in 2002. October 2002 to July 2005. That's a decent enough span. The only thing I can think of that's kept my attention for a similar length of time has been the old White Wolf forums[0], where I spent a lot of time as a respected and knowledgeable guy, until I hit the crisis point and became an agressive old fart. But I was still right. But I digress. I missed the 500th post last May because I was in the aftermath of being well and truly fucked in the head. I missed the 666th post through not thinking to check for it until I was in the 700's. 1000, I'm not going to miss.

The steak and wine are a celebration, also a mollification of the fact that I'm crashing early due to traffic chaos likely tomorrow when I'm supposed to be heading home. In celebration, I've an idea. Also a minor rant about writing, but that's Collapse )

Anyway. This celebratory idea. There's what amounts to three full years backlog of posts, more or less. What's the one (or several) things you remember most? Why, if you care to share that? Bonus points if you can remember roughly when it was. Double bonus points if you're brave enough to go hunting for a link.

Give me your memories, because I've got my own and I've a feeling that a montage post is not far off. It won't work without you.