July 21st, 2005


Casting Call

I think its inevitable that as we read each other's journals we create mental pictures of each other. So I'd like to see what actor you mentally picture when you read my journal. This is mostly for people who haven't actually met me in real life, but hey, everyone's welcome to play.

Then, post this on your own journal to find out who your friends see when they read about your life. Too obvious.

I know I post pictures quite a bit. But go with your mental image.

There are only Two (and a half) Rules:
1) The person must be in the movies or on TV (but doesn't have to be an actor/actress). The person can be specific to a role, or just the person themselves.
2) You have to post a link to a picture or an actual picture of said person in the comments.
2.5) Pictures of fictional or comic book characters will be accepted.

It came from...

...my fucking chest. Revenge of the Screaming Green Lungfoam II: The Musical[0]. But other than that, things are pretty fucking good. 'm even feeling cautiously optimistic about my dad coming up for the weekend. I may well be insane.

The real problem with my dad being up is that he doesn't know that I smoke, and I don't want to disillusion him. Gardens and friends who are smokers are my normal way around these things, but there may be Issues this weekend. If nothing else, expect a text demanding an excuse to fuck off for half an hour. On the other hand, his stated intention is to get pished. Hopefully that means I can wangle some free booze out of him.

Oh, and I blame protocol_rain and grendelsmere for pointing outmy new relations. Damn you both. I will have my revenge, damnit. Or a hunting party. "Around the Cam-UK with Chair Leg of Truth and Crowbar of Justice" does have a certain ring to it as a title.

Time to deal with a Thursday. Hopefully I can remember how.

[0]: In Welsh, of course.

Game writing

Thinking about game writing again. I've come to the conclusion that while it is a great deal of fun, it's not the sort of thing I could do full time.

Game writing pays shit. Seriously. If I were paid twice the word-rate I get then as a full-time writer I'd still have to be guaranteed a 50K assignment each month in order to make what I'm making in my present job. On the upside, I wouldn't have to deal with VBA or the Windows API. On the downside, I'd be totally at the mercy of my creativity, which comes in fits and starts. I'd be at the mercy of my own ability to organise (people who know me know just how idiosyncratic that is). I'd also not get the volume of contracts that I need. I could shore it up by trying to sell short stories, but again: no guarantees.

So it's not something that I could do all the time, despite really wanting to. The on-again off-again nature of contracted writing is a blessing, really. And if/when I manage to marshall my time-management ability, some self-published stuff (possibly using a model like the one eyebeams came up with last week). It's something I do for love, not money. And that's a very good thing.