July 23rd, 2005


Midnight wanderings

Pub last night, where dragal23 reminded me of brain_hurts' plans for a crags party. A couple of pints later we headed off. Replete with detour to acquire booze and Bru, then another 'phoned-in detour to purchase water, milk, sugar, and diet coke. For some reason.

Excercise is all well and good in small doses. Not so much when carrying heavy fucking shopping bags up the crag behind the abbey. That's not so much fun. Especially when we finally hear people and Dragal suggests just running up to them. Steepness nearly cost me a lung.

On the other hand, once there and settled 'twas a good night. There was drinking, music, very random — yet inspiring — conversations, and all that there like. Angus' music taste was it's usual impressive self, and I seem to remember being termed a technozombie for my Rez addiction. I bowed out at about half two and slowly made my way back, on account of being drunk and cold and the path not the best of things to walk in moonlight and thus falling over a few times. No major damage at all, and I'm almost used to the sensation of the ground coming for my head. Bumped into protocol_rain and figg about halfway down and headed the rest of the way home.

So: this morning, I have a headache, several new bruises, marks from various thistles, and an ankle/wrist pair that are reminding me that I twisted them at some point in the past 12 hours. I also know that we have to do such an outing again.
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Not had a cigarette since last night. Think my lungs are going to kill me. Know my brain is. Stress of being nice to parent is not too great right now.

Send Red Bull, cigs, and vodka.

Edit: Now I need a cigarette. Needneedneed. Not enough to fuck up things with rest of family over. Enough that I would happily gnaw my own hand off for a couple of cigs.