July 29th, 2005


Herding Cats

Organising people for when I run a game is much like herding cats: They all used to have the time free when I asked, but not any more. Fortunately it's not like the old days, where I also had to cater for several timezones up to ten hours apart on average. But it's still a bugger.

Anyway. First semi-session of Mage. The idea was to discuss characters and run a very quick intro session. The character discussion mostly didn't happen as much due to understandable level of distraction (and two of the players having sheets). That and being down to half-players from nine made things harder to deal with, but a couple of pre-Awakening semi-preludes to get used to the die rolling and a mini-scene to get some idea of the magic fit well enough into the time. The latter wasn't the best, and I was way off form explaining the whole thing. I can only hope I get better before the next time. Might even write up a mini-explainer.

That, and I really need to work on the setting for when my brain dies halfway through the night. Ripping off The Invisibles is just too easy for me to be at all happy with.