August 15th, 2005


(no subject)

The network connection is now flashing on and off at five second intervals. In 'doze, and there is no way to turn off that really fucking annoying popup that goes along with it. Send an axe. Fucking intermittent phase-of-the-moon problems. Not what I need in the morning.

Weekend was... well, a weekend. I don't think anything distinctive happened, but that could be because I've been sat in front of this thing writing both days. Right wrist is getting seriously twitchy. Keep on dropping cigarettes by accident.

Back on WW forums, mostly to assess feedback to Lore. New place doesn't suck as much as I remember.


Went to work. Came back from work. Little things pissed me off remarkably on the way back.

I fictioneered some out of my head, wrote, and went to the pub.

On returning, I find that there is no milk and no ramen. This annoys me far, far more than it should. But three pints dissolves magifictional ability.

I want four thousand cigarettes, a chance to have eight hours uninterrupted sleep[0], ten bottles of good vodka, significant amounts of drunk-capable food, and ten people to beat up.

This will pass by the morning. I hope.

[0]: Last seen in May.