August 16th, 2005


(no subject)

Got in to the realisation that I had to deal with my old bank account. To recap: everything from the first "We need to review your account, please call us" to the "We have revoked your overdraft and will not pay any more direct debits from it because you did not contact us" came through on the same day: yesterday. Of course, if they updated their address records like I asked, maybe I could have contacted them when they wanted me to. So I owe the bank a shitload of cash I don't have on hand.

Fortunately, ranting at people allowed me to get rid of the initial negative burst of "curl-up-in-a-dark-place-for-a-year" that takes root at such times. Two hours after being informed of the final situation by a customer disservice representative, I'd calmed down enough to start processing information. For newcomers and people who don't know me that well: That's when I get dangerous. Needless to say, I have a plan. Just a pity it has to wait a week before I can put it in toaction.

And then I sat down and bulldozed the chunks of wordcount that had left me stuck and under limit yesterday. Today? 600 over limit. The cost? Half a bar of Green & Black's mint chocolate, a bottle of Kick, and about ten cigarettes. And my wrist has eased off fucking me about, which is nice.

Amazing how these mood-swings can go, really.