August 26th, 2005


The Day

Finally tidied up in here. Can see the carpet, even. In doing so I had to move eight bottles of Irn Bru and thirteen bottles of Kick, all empty. I would worry about my problem with perfectly legal stimulants, but right now my only problem is not being able to get enough of the bastard things.

In order to give my brain some comedown from writing binges and random shit going on, bought a copy of Destroy All Humans earlier. Because I am a stingy bastard who had waited for it to get cheap. I have thus spent the afternoon cackling insanely.

Author's copies of Lore came a couple of days ago, and I'm trying to remember if the post office is open on Saturdays. After all, if I have to be awake stupidly early[0] on a Saturday anyway, I might as well go for broke.

Considering calling the Mage game dead in the water. I don't think it's possible to get the four people I have for Mage in the same room at the same time. There may be a matter/antimatter thing going on there. This doesn't mean I'm annoyed at the players as there's been good reason for all the absences[1], I'm annoyed at not getting to see what they'd do in the setting. Damn cat-herding hurts my brain.

Five hundred words to go for the day, then I can go out and relax.

[0]: Before noon.
[1]: Except once — if I can bike to work at seven in the morning through God's own hangover, I give no sympathy to others.