August 30th, 2005


Just Like The FirstTime

Last night reminded me of the first time I drank Red Bull. Admittedly, the first time had vodka involved so things were a bit different. But even so. Lying awake in that half-asleep state where you're wanting to start dreaming soon, watching the hours tick by, desperately wishing I could sleep, feeling worse as the night went on... the first time, I also had a hangover come on. On the other hand, because of that I got up at half seven and puked my guts out, and was fine. Today, I hauled my still-awake corpse out of bed to find that we have no coffee.

Did I mention that I'd had no Red Bull (or any substitute) last night? Just nervy about going back to work after a week off, and about not writing last night, and about something I can't remember but was the most important thing when I was wanting to sleep.

Not the best way to go back anywhere.