September 5th, 2005


Just Like the Pied Piper

Slept last night. 6 hours isn't optimum (and by $DEITY I never want to see 9am on a Sunday again), but it's a start.

Cooked my own breakfast for a change. Damn, there's nothing better than a proper fry-up. Especially after remembering gominokouhai's advice: "Scrambled eggs are what happens when you fuck up an omlette."

Climbed Arthur's Seat this afternoon. Fine apart from twisting my knee on the way down. Bastard thing only started playing up once I'd got sat down and had a cuppa. Another reason to will the cane here faster.

1700 in the can tonight. Just have to keep soldiering on.

figg has seeded my brain and it's finally throwing up ideas for chord-based straight (as opposed to phonetic) keyboards. Eight keys gets you 255 possible chords (null doesn't count). Generic European layout is only 105, and that's including locks, metas, and a numpad. But the real trick is working out which keyboard-key to map to each chord. There'd be some funky analysis in that, I think. Match frequency of key usage on normal boards against ease of each chord, and so on. Damn ideas, get out of my brain when I need to think on other things.

In other news, coaldustcanary has tickets to be here for Hogmanay. Excuse me while I squee for a while.