October 2nd, 2005



Plans for the day thwarted by lack of that mystical thing called a bank balance. On the other hand, carried out reconnaisance and know the right targets to aim for.

Am officially Poor, at least until Monday. Fortunately, I think I've given up the socialising shite. Tomorrow and then no more. I have too much to do and get far too little sleep anyway. I have food and boozeohol and cigarettes, I will survive. And then, I will write.

lj user="protocol_rain">'s housewarming was... interesting. It was a house. With an upstairs. And I've still got the residue of that red wine on my lips. My own fault for drinking from the bottle. Lots of stuff going on, not all of which remains in the memory. Oh well.

Lists make the world better

Meeting with purplerabbits earlier to go over some torchie stuff before tonight's org meeting. I came out of it with a list of stuff to think about and that we need to cover or update on on Wednesday. No more non-meetings like last week. Given that a (slightly drink-fuelled) nightmare had featured her psychoanalysing me at this meeting and picking apart everything I should be doing better, making lists was a positive step. Now, I just need to carry them through.

Org meeting afterwards was, well, an org meeting. At least I was able to share cynical comments with someone.

Other than that, I've been quiet because I've been busy. Social-busy, not wordcount-busy. Still, a proper rundown rather than random updates from my phone.

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