October 5th, 2005


Up and up

One source of recent stress is dealt with in the short term. This makes me happy. It also means I've had more for lunch than I had to eat all of yesterday.

More nMage wanking:

Ten Watchtowers, you heard me right. The Pentagram is the right design, but it's a plane in three dimensions. Five Watchtowers pointing up, five pointing down. The perpetrators of the Atlantean Heresy have warped the original idea, ignoring five whole fields of magic so that the five they approve of can subjugate the rest. There's a reason Heaven and Hell have their own point on the Atlantean pentacle, yet Dharma has none.

The pentacle is the correct symbol. Each point denotes one key way of working magic. There's the Spirit, the Cycle, the Form, the Will, and the World. To give you an idea, the Golden Key and Iron Gauntlet aren't seperate points but reflections of each other, stlylised Heavens and Hells for the point of Will. One focuses on channeling the Will through implicit order, the other through unfettered Will alone.

Where are they? Not in some spiritual or "supernal" realm. The "supernal" is all bollocks, son. It's a way of making Mages seem special. It, and the Abyss, are both facets of the universal unconscious. The Watchtowers and the Abyss both exist in the minds of everything and everyone. The Atlanteans claimed that they were external to justify their ultimate hubris — and to make it look like magic comes from without. That's rubbish. Magic, all magic, comes from within the hearts and minds of everyone. Their lies would hold us in slavery to their "higher realms", but the truth shall set you free.
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