October 10th, 2005


Half-day blues

I hate half-days. Specifically, the kind where one has a morning off and works the afternoon. Those are hideous. After an hour at work you feel like you've been there the whole day anyway, and the extra time was spent doing nothing of import whatsover.

I could have slept in, I fucking needed it after Neon. Instead, I was woken up by the Cunts Upstairs™ with their home-improvement bollocks. Instead, I pottered, being entirely unable to concentrate with the sound of hammering reverberating around my skull. I can't hear myself think when they're doing it, which means the whole week is just about fucked for writing. In to work, out from work, eat, and back to the old can't-concentrate-no-motivation party.

Hence, no New Awakening update. To be honest, apart from a paragraph on rules changes and microblurbs about the new Watchtowers, I don't know what more I need to write. I get the feeling that my notes so far give the flavour of what I was after enough that I don't need to write massive tracts on motivation and underlying philosophy. That should all be transparent, even to people who don't know me. So a quick question if you want to know more: What more do you want to see?

There's potential in my head. If I could concentrate it'd be fine, but the irregular pounding drowns out any music I have on below deafening level. I want to grab the bottle of Budvar that I'm drinking and peg it overarm, so that it comes crashing down on someone's head, just for the thrill and the chance to avoid boredom. Halfway considering finding an empty table in the pub and working from there tonight, to fuck with it all. Treo on one side, notepad on the other... it could work. But then there's other distractions, other things taking me away from what I'm supposed to be doing. Nuts.
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