October 17th, 2005


If this be typical...

Left the flat at 8:08. Lit a fag. Walked toward the bus stop. Saw the 8:15 bus swish past before I got there, 5 minutes early.

It wouldn't be so bad if I knew where to catch any of the other busses that go to work. As it is, the only one I am sure of is Leith Links, which is a few miles in the wrong direction.

Mornings should not make me want to scream "Treebadgers!" at the tiop of my lungs.

Stolen Association

I've been trying to find a decent open source/freeware editor for the ASP bollocks that I'm going to have to do at work very shortly (unofficially and thus not on the budget for any tools), and given that the desktop is 'Doze only until I get the new kit back from Novawank, I figured some in house testing might not go amiss. I'd normally just use Crimson Editor, and that'd be fine at work if they'd fix a particularly annoying memory leak (and the license was clean for corporate use, which I doubt). So I'm trying some others.

I come across one called CryptEd. It doesn't deserve a link. Looks like a nice featureset, though it doesn't appear to realise the difference between a text exitor and a word processor.

Then the cunting thing steals the RTF file association from OpenOffice, without asking. And doesn't give it back when it uninstalls. I write in RTF. I go to open my redlines to do some work and the bastard association's b0rked.

Nothing I can't fix, but if someone's too crap at coding to even hand back control of a non-proprietary document type to the last program that had it, I'm not exactly going to start cheering.

I may start looking for the programmer, though for entirely different reasons.
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