November 8th, 2005



I'd typed up a 500 eord snippet on one of the webmachines here. Had to do it in the browser, not even notepad available. Then the proxy shits itself right as I click post.

So sorry, no lunchtime fic for you. If I had the keyboard in my bag I'd consider retyping on the bus, but no such luck.

Cocksquirrel. I really liked that story...

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Tick tock tick tock

Ten past ten.

Work, Beltane brainstorm meeting, and now I need to crank out words. All without my brain letting me concentrate. Roles and archetypes, time-travelling families and hyperprocessing brains still in my head. No rest for the ticktockman, day and night filled with stuff.

All I want is a drink or five and a place to sleep. Not until I hit wordcount. But when I do, I have the Definitive.
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