December 27th, 2005


Waiting for Godot (or Normality)

Spent yesterday entirely offline. Made a change and left me jumpy. I ended up writing three pages of LJ-style bollocks on a notepad. I no longer can tell which symptoms are due to nicotine deficiency, which are due to online deficiency, and which are solely due to being at home. All I know is that I need to get back to the land of wireless, of smoking, and of no fucking family.

Still. For record-keeping purposes:Collapse )

Spent yesterday perpetually hungry, and had much the same problem today. I don't know if this is the appetite suppressing ability of nicotine or what. I dread to think.

For reference, tonight consisted of a huge meal, two bottles of wine between three, two bottles of brandy between three, and a bottle of single malt between the same three. And people wonder where I get it from. Hence, I'm being random.

I believe that my brother will be proposing to his grillfiend this coming year. This does not fill me with joy, and not just because I can't stand her. I dread to think what else the year brings.

Speaking of them: Collapse )

I know what I'm doing next year for gifts. Because I feel bad for not giving, because I know people and I think they deserve something. But also because I'm usually close to my overdraft limit anyway. I have an idea, and if the rest of my resolutions work out they should be good gifts. Remind me closer to the time.

The entire family paused for Doctor Who last night. I pity those 'Merkians who get it late, I really do.

I had a random idea for something Arthurian. This could be something to do with reading "The Family Trade". But I need someone who knows their Arthurian mythology, so I can write it up. Probably something tasty to drop in my New Awakening setting. We shall see. Speaking of which, expect a massive collection/update sometime early in the new year, when I have time. I need to realign my tag use. I'll fix that when I have time. Along with fixing the site. Soon, soon. All happening soon. See how little I actually do.