January 18th, 2006


Watching the world

The brainsaur needs a rest. Time for something else. Links are easy enough

Warren's pimping the Apparat Singles Collection, released this week. The idea was to re-imagine what comics would be like if superheroes hadn't effectively raped the genre; four one-issue singles covering the major genres of pulp novels from SF to Hero to Detective to Air-Ace. The collection's thirteen Yanqui dollars, and though the SF is a rehash of a few of Warren's earlier LJ shorts and the Hero smacks of "more of the same", they aren't necessarily bad, and the Air-Ace and Detective stories are well worth it.

Hitman jailed for lack of death. An interesting take on fraud; a suicidal woman hired a hitman to kill her, paid him three times totalling £20,000, and shopped him to the rozzers when he didn't even attempt her murder. Cue him being done for obtaining money by deception, and everyone involved scratching their heads at just how fucked up these situations can get.