April 25th, 2006



Sunday night on Calton Hill is the 19th Beltane Fire Festival!

Advance tickets are still on sale. They're £3 in advance or £5 on the night. Also, if you buy before the night, you don't have to queue up as much. The event starts around 9:30pm, so not queuing is a good way to make sure you see everything.

Tickets are available from:We want to sell lots of tickets so we get a ton of people on the hill, and so that next year's Beltane can be even bigger and better!

The Beltane Fire Festival is a celebration of summer. It's not restricted to any religion or creed, it's much more a community event. Everyone involved is a volunteer from Edinburgh who's joined up because they want to do it. It's a world-famous festival — one of the biggest in Europe — featuring fire, drumming, acrobatics, fire, the rebirth of a king, drumming, and fire!

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See you there!
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