May 28th, 2006


Weekend Gone

Friday worked, as mentioned. Good fun, though I won't be wearing a noose most days. Only when I have to scare people (though as mentioned, only one person actually realised what I was doing).

Beyond that, I've spent most off the weekend not doing much. Writing, of course. Gordon's Alive! Might just come in on time. If I'm lucky. Less than 10K to go now, so at least I'm on track. Friday night involved seeing X3 (fun, brainless, but nowhere near as good as X2). Friday night was spent in front of one screen or another, but at least the big screen involved being social. Something I've needed, if I'm honest.

Saturday. Oh, Saturday. I got out of bed at three in the afternoon. Only been back at work for one week and I'm already knackered enough that I have to spend thirteen hours in bed. Breakfast was in Monster Mash, of all places, and by the time I'd eaten that and read through the stash of brain-crack that'd accumulated since going away there was Doctor Who. Which wasn't as good as I'd hoped. I actually had some of the same complaints as I had about X3, it tried to do too much and some characters were no more than caricatures. Which was annoying.

I also spent time installing the Beta version of Office 2007 on my laptop. Even for things that don't need styles (like the latest contract) it's still nice. The UI takes a bit of getting used to, but if you're looking for something that you don't already know the location of it's a funky thing indeed. And just playing with some things (the new Conditional Formatting in Excel is shiny indeed) so that I could try out the styles, I'm rather impressed. This is weird, I know. I'm actually excited about a word processor, for fuck's sakes. One that runs on 'Doze. Scary. OneNote is also a nice thing. I was looking for something like it a while back, when I was still using the Treo. Instead, I have the laptop for organisation and the plugin on the Shiny for making notes when I don't have kingmob with me. It actually solves some of what I wanted to hack together for the Shiny. Now all I need is the new front-end for texts and mails.

Today's been spent eating food, finally shifting the pile of washing up (including the mould-covered plates from the last time the gamers cooked anything here) swearing at Burnout Revenge[0], and writing. Lots of writing. The good news is that I now know exactly what I need to do. The bad news is that I know I'm going to be vastly over my word count. I'll have to see what I can cut between first and final draft, as I'm buggered if I'll have the time before the first draft deadline.

So yeah. Words and software. Hardly the most exciting weekend. On the other hand, I've tomorrow off. Time to really nail [NDA] and possibly crank out another [NDA] so I might believe that I'm actually on target. I might even leave the house tomorrow.

Okay, now I'm slightly scared.

[0]: "Get on the end of my shiny engine, you bastards!" is not homoerotic in any way. At all. At least not the way I intended it. I was playing bar billiards with cars.