June 4th, 2006


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It appears that my back might be fucked. Couple that with not much good sleep Fri/Sat[0] night (and tonight by the feel of things). I'm seriously consdiering making tomorrow a sickie if I don't improve. The stupid thing is, whenever I get ill, I become a whiny pile of shite, always apologising for being crap and generally not spending any time concentrating on how to improve my situation. I dislilke this as much as I dislike being ill, but I don't know of any obvious cure for it beyond better self control.

In other news, I have Ghostlight and Remembrance of the Daleks on DVD. Both are as good as I remember, though I pitch Ghost Light slightly higher (from an old-series fan point of view, I wouldn't recommend watching it if you can't concentrate or haven't seen anything but the recent series), but both are damn fine. And have Sophie Aldred. Mmmmm.

Speaking of the Doc, Collapse )
But enough of that. My back's calling me away.

[0]: Friday because of the most vivid nightmares I've had in several years. Saturday because of my back.
[1]: People desirous of no spoilers and too stupid to use BitTorrent should not read this.