July 14th, 2006


(no subject)

The hot water here, when turned on, doesn't require any heating by my coffee maker. This is both worrying and reassuring. The payload I'm using is worthwhile, at least.[0]

Spent last night in lace-up shirt, purple velvet waistcoat, and a well-cut frock-coat. Good to know I can dress up to dine out, though it's the first time I've worn anything like that without brain_hurts around. figg's comment that I "looked like the deformed offspring of Angus and a coat" was a spot-on description.

I'm procrastinating. Well, trying to do redlines. Mostly by doing anything other than redlines and promising myself that I'll start "as soon as I've done $FOO", with $FOO in (make coffee, check LJ, check news, read ASR, tidy beard) and so on. Worst thing is, this is the third quarter of the redlines and I've not yet seen the last chunk to know how bad they are.

I need dinner. I'll do that only when I'm at least half-done. That'll teach me.

[0]: From the page: "it’s not as scary as it sounds!" Bollocks it isn't. The way I make the bastard stuff it's a hell of a lot scarier. There's something about coffee that's brown hypercaffeinated sludge that you can stand a spoon in but that tastes fucking nice that I happen to enjoy.