August 28th, 2006


Awaiting Tomorrow

And so, the bank holiday draws to a close. Back at work tomorrow, after two glorious work-free weeks. Of course, I didn't exactly spend those weeks doing a stupendous amount of stuff, but I needed the time to wind down.

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I spent the day pottering around the flat, writing two thirds of an outline that just fell together, and, err, not doing anything else. Reading news online, and generally fucking about. I've just had two weeks off where that's most of what I've done, but at least I got some work done.

In random news, I ended up drinking with gominokouhai, stormsearch, Toby Hadoke, and lots of other nice people last night. It was fun, and included many comedians bitching about other comedians.

Work tomorrow. I don't remember how. I need to iron a shirt and have a shave and do all that other professional crap. Fuck... Time to think about the future, and what I'm going to have to cook up to get there. Once I finish this outline and get it sent. It already feels like I'm late with it.
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