October 5th, 2006


And that's a wrap

Tom Lehrer is often paraphrased as saying that "Satire died the day they awarded Kissinger the Nobel Peace Prize".

Now, from artbroken: Irony isn't just dead, it's been mutilated, murdered, and set on fire.

Two weeks ago at Caney Creek High School, a tenth grade English class was given "Fahrenheit 451" as a reading assignment. But Diana Verm stopped after a few pages. She said she was offended by "the cussing in it and the burning of the Bible."

[...]"With God's name in vain being in there, that's the number one reason," said Diana's father Alton Verm. "There's no reason for it being read."

[...]Coincidentally, this book was assigned during National Banned Book Week.

In the complaint filed against the school by Alton Verm, he listed each objected item line by line, complete with individual page numbers. Besides bad language and violence, Verm lists "downgrading Christians" and "talking about our firemen" as reasons the book should be banned. The school committee is expected to meet about the book.

How can these people be classed among intelligent life? There are smarter lichen out there. Chickens — the retarded ambulatory cousins of slime molds — have these people beat by a country mile.
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