December 1st, 2006


How'd You Put An ASBO On A Council?

It's been a while, but my body knows all the motions for getting up and dressed at 7:30 in the motherfucking morning after one hour's sleep. I tried getting back to sleep at 7, but the cunts outside decided that 6 hours' break was all anyone needed.

Yup, the OneScotland Free St. Andrews Day bollocks required they build a motherfucking big stage outside our flat yesterday.Then, once this pitiful event was over (about half nine) they set about taking it down. I can only guess that the ludicrous gale force winds prevented them from completing the job by 01:00. Lo, at seven they started again. I'm pretty sure that doing that's against the law — that there's a legal requirement that says "let people get eight hours sleep", or indeed just "Thou shalt not gouge residents' eardrums between the hours of $foo and $bar" where foo <=2200 and $bar >=0800. Then again, I thought there were similar laws about reversing sirens, but these bastards haven't heard of them.

I can only assume that the council were behind this, which leads me to ask: How'd you put an ASBO on a council?

In other news: redlines, redlines, and yet more redlines. Things are coming together but slowly, as I've had to spend too long with a pad setting down concrete ideas that inform the rest of the whole thing.

Ten past eight. Time enough for a quick NWN dungeon-bash? Doubt it, more's the pity. Time enough to trawl the web before ork, a rare treat.

Feels weird, like those random half-six callins when $BOSS and second are both off and I'm the only daft bugger who knows how to run a lot of jobs that we need. Cold waking me up, screaming along. Heh. Plenty cold in here, though there's not the wind that there was last night. Insane, immense gales, pure kinetic motion of air unsullied by rain or snow or fog. Truly beautiful weather, braethtaking in the literal sense of the word.

Time to go. Mornings are weird.
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