December 29th, 2006



The following was written on the train out of Hull, before a bunch of chavs showed up and made like they were going to steal my fucking phone.

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I’m not listing loot. I don’t see the need, I got some nice things (shirts for work, f’rex), but I’ve also got cool things for myself, and cool things on our NotChristmas — chief among those some Dalek cufflinks. I have enough shirts that these are going to see a lot of use... but yeah. Apart from that, I got a lot of red wine. I’m my father’s son, it seems.

Speaking of NotChristmas, I roasted my first chicken today. Fuck, but it was perfect. I was sucking the meat off the bones. Served with roast potatoes and delicious gravy. I need to roast more meat. And do things with Yorkshire puddings.

In other news: Anyone want me to update the Transformers RPG hack for use with the World of Darkness system? I think I could do a better job of it, all told.
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