January 22nd, 2007


Telly to go

For trade: 19" telly. Cathode-ray-tube, 4:3 aspect ratio, teletext, built-in radio receiver, 1 SCART socket, 1 s-video type thing.

In non-techie: it's a glass-front non-widescreen portable telly. It receives radio, and it's proved to work with a PS2, an Xbox, and a digital receiver. It can only connect to two at a time, though.

Collection only, Lawnmarket area.

Will consider any sensible offers of cash/stuff. Leave a comment or email digitalraven {at} livejournal {dot} com with questions or offers.

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In Other News

Some people believe this shit? It sounds like a bad attempt at a modern-occult game, the sort of shit that drops into Witchcraft without question or that crops up in Unknown Armies or Over the Edge with something sinister behind it.

It also sounds like a biological version of TimeCube. I don't want to know just how bad it is, thanks.

OAAT: I've been listening to more Young People's Music. I have an idea for a project based on this, but it's going to require some prep-time on a working computer to be sure.

Things are going odd in my head. More on that when I get a coherent theme for them.
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