February 5th, 2007


Things I never knew about myself

Text editors. I never knew I'd have my secrets laid bare by my choice of a side in the Great Holy War.

See, I've tried emacs. I've wrangled with it repeatedly, twisting my hands to master it's commands, but nothing sticks. I want to learn it, I like the idea of a thermonuclear text editor that builds things into itself rather than working its way in. But... no. I just can't grok emacs. Nothing sticks, nothing matches my own (admittedly-flawed) intuitive model.

A couple of weeks ago, I started using vi. Same problems, I couldn't fit it to my intuitive model, even if I was at least picking up the finger-macros. Then I did something foolish. 2ifoo^[. I didn't get what I expected, instead I got an epiphany. vi isn't modal at all, and that meant I could fix up my intuitive model to match.

So yeah, I'm a dirty vi user. Never thought I'd hear myself saying that. But at least my editor of choice fits on a rescue floppy ;)