April 13th, 2007


What's the Glory, Morning Story

stormsearch's latest post demonstrates that she is a morning person. It made me remember an incident that proves that I'm really not.

Flashback to 2000, October. Start of my second year at uni. Second week of teaching. I, being me, have been playing video games and roleplaying on that there internet (over diallup, as we were in a rented place) until half seven in the morning.

Wednesday. Eight thirty a.m. Steve, on of my housemates, bangs on my door. He's shouting something. I pull on a dressing gown so he doesn't see my genitals (very important).

Me: "Wha?"
He: "D'you want a lift in to the networking tutorial?"
Me: "No. Sleeping."
He: "Fair dos."

I went back to bed but couldn't sleep, so I wrote Steve a note indicating my religious aversion to any time before eleven, and that while I appreciated the offer I had only been asleep for an hour, and was thus rather tired.

I went out for some fags around the time he would have got back, as I didn't want the embarrasment of confronting him. I had, after all, left the note in a place he couldn't miss it.

I stuck it to his door with a seven-inch kitchen knife.

No point doing things by halves.
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I'm watching the BNP's Scottish Election broadcast.

Fuck me, but it's terrible. There's a brain-damaged bloke who is the only member of the British Nazi Party's Scottish branch doing voice over, the whole thing is a joke. It's politics for student film-makers with no idea of pacing or intelligent cinematography (and I'm ignoring the content).

Unfortunately, it's not online or I'd lin–


That explains it.

It's so fucking terrible that everyone will link to it when it goes online. And thus the evil spreads.

Am I crediting the fascists with too much intelligence? Don't forget: Advertisers and marketers are evil enough to be on these guys' sides.

All of this ignores that the BNP have one member in Scotland, and raises all of it's cash from Daily MailHate readers in the Home Counties who think that it's all the fault of the asylum seekers, the poofs, the pakis, the lezzies, the darkies, the French, and the women. The second they give a shit about Scotland is the day the devil drives to work on a snowplough.
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